An Easy to Follow Guide for Order Packaging
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An Easy to Follow Guide for Order Packaging

The first thing that an online customer notices about his/her order is its packaging. The condition in which the product arrives can make or break the customer’s shopping experience.

The three important aspects of a good packaging – Engagement, Uniqueness and Effectiveness.

Packaging holds an important part in the whole branding process of your online store. It has the potential to influence your customers to make multiple purchases from your store. Apart from the obvious damage-free shipping process, packaging provides an unforgettable experience for your customer.

Basic Guidelines for Product Packaging

In order to avoid returns & in-transit damages, please check the steps below:

  • Use Bubble Wrap, Thermocol, Air Cushions, etc for inner packaging material.
  • Use utility focussed packaging including boxes or envelopes for outer packaging material. You can use a variety of boxes like Bulk Cargo, Easy-Fold Mailers, Multi-Depth, Insulated Shippers, etc.
  • Wrap items individually with cushioning material.  Try to put them in the center, away from other items and sides of the box.
  • Paste the invoice/label on the flattest side of the package. Details on the label/invoice should be easily visible and the barcodes should be easy to scan.

Why Size Matters?

It’s important that you use customized boxes for the packaging of your products. As you’d already know that most shipping and courier companies charge on the basis of dimensions. So, to save on your shipping cost, you may want to use the smallest packaging for your products. Just make sure that these boxes are big enough to give protection to your products during transit.

The Importance of Branded Packaging

Packaging is no more just a protection for your product, it has become a complete brand experience. The purpose of branded packaging is to create a memorable and shareable experience for your customers.

According to a recent marketing survey, 4 out of 10 people would share an image of your product and packaging on their social handles if they find it interesting.


What Do You Need for a  Branded Packaging

The elements of a branded packaging are totally customizable. Decide your elements on the basis of your goals. What do you want to deliver and achieve with this shipment? Strategically choose just a few of these items to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.


Box – The shipping box holds the most important place in the packaging process. It’s your chance to wow your customers right from the first glance. So, make sure that your shipping box is not used or damaged. 



Tissue Paper – Add some mystery to the unboxing part. Use custom made, printed, or colored tissues for wrapping your products.




Sticker – You can use stickers in many ways. They are not only inexpensive but quite versatile too. You can use them for different types of communication like – branding, offering discounts, custom notes for the customer, product information, etc.



Promotional Material – There can be various kind of promotional materials for you to use. You can include discount coupons, referral coupon, how-to-use note, etc inside your packet. It’s a great idea if you are looking for ways to encourage word-of-mouth marketing. It’s a great platform for introducing any new product too.


Gifts – Surprise your customer by putting little gift items inside the box. It can be anything that goes with your brand’s personality. Be a little extra creative and use this space to upsell your other products.



So, we are saying…

A good packaging is your one-shot to solve multiple issues at a time. It can bring new business, drive repeat customers, secure products, enhance customer’s shopping experience and builds a unique brand identity for you.

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  1. Manjunath
    December 19, 2018

    Informative blog!
    customer should understand importance about the packaging as they won’t know how the parcel reaches to the destination. If the label is pasted on wrong place, may be it will be difficult to reach it’s destination or takes time. Even the product inside the parcel may get damage because of improve packaging.
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