Show Off Your Brand with Kanvas

Absolutely Free

Your Kanvas webstore is always free of cost. Establish your brand to get more sales.

Fully Responsive

Your Kanvas Webstore is engineered to be highly responsive on mobile screens as well.

Give your Shop a Branded Identity

Open to All

You get a free Kanvas webstore whenever you set up a Kraftly shop. No exceptions!

Build your Brand

Customize your Kanvas webstore in a few simple steps, to make your brand well known among customers.

0% Commission

Whenever a user buys from your Kanvas webstore, you pay 0% commission!

You can Customize your Kanvas

Link your Domain
Do you have your own shop domain? You can connect the domain to Kanvas. When connected, your original domain will also point to your Kanvas store.
Create your Own Web Pages
You can add custom pages like ‘About us’, ‘Contact us’, ‘Collections’ or ‘Overview’ to your Kanvas webstore to establish your own brand. Tell your story to your customers!
Upload your Brand Banners
Add your personalized banners to your website - about a particular theme or festival, about your shop’s offers, or highlighting your trending products - anything to attract your customers!
Add Social Profiles
You can add Social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram to Kanvas. They will appear as links on your website, which buyers can check out to know you better. Don't forget to share your Kanvas webstore to your friends & followers!
Track with Google Analytics
Kanvas also allows you to track its performance. Simply enter your Google Analytics tracking ID, and you can track unique visitors to your Webstore, impressions, views, and much more, all by yourself!

Kraftly Kanvas: Online Store

Kraftly Kanvas – is an easy, fully customizable and free website that comes bundled with your Kraftly shop. As soon as you create a Kraftly shop, you’re eligible to get a Kanvas website. Add products to your shop to view your fully functioning website. Kraftly Kanvas is a great way to increase your sales by establishing a unique brand identity for your shop. Since 0% commission is available on all Kanvas orders, you increase your profits too!

How does a Kanvas website work? Your product listings are used to automatically create a fully functional website that you can customize later with your own banners, offers, logo, web pages, and more. Your website automatically updates whenever you change your business information or add new products. It is also optimized for display on desktop and mobile devices.

You can easily customize your Kanvas according to your brand needs and values. Become a renowned brand in the world of e-commerce by customizing your website in whatever way you like. Give it a complete makeover by linking Kanvas to your own domain and adding new banners. Use this free platform to build credibility as a seller by telling your brand story to your customers. For this, you can add various pages like ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Our Team’, etc. May you find great success as a Kanvas website owner!