Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes as an Online Seller
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Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes as an Online Seller

We know that selling online is tricky and full of pitfalls. It’s a world of cut-throat competition that doesn’t give you the luxury of making mistakes. Every single mistake has its consequences – you can lose your loyal customer, sales, or even worse, your reputation.

Following are the mistakes commonly made by many online sellers. Take a look and find out if you are making any of them:


Mistake No. 1 – Not Having a Unique Selling Point

What does your business stand for? Have you figured out your best proposition? 

If you are running a business without having a defined unique selling point, then my friend you’re in trouble. Businesses who try to be known for everything ends up known for nothing. 

What Should I Do: Take some time to understand your product and target audience completely. Identify what your competitors are offering and what makes your product different from theirs? Come up with one strong offering that none of your competitors are giving and make that your Unique Selling Point.


Mistake No. 2 – Not Knowing Your Target Audience

Get this straight – You can’t sell to EVERYONE. You’re wasting a lot of money if you don’t have a defined target audience. People often ignore the need for a defined target group and that’s where they start lagging behind their competitors. Not everyone has the same taste or buying power, it’s that simple!

What Should I Do: Instead of trying to sell to everyone, put your effort and money into researching your target customers. Define your target audience based on what you’re selling, what is your USP and who are most likely to buy your product.

But, what if my product appeals to everyone?

In this case, you need to segment your customers on the basis of demographics. This will help you to make defined communication strategy for each segment.


Mistake No. 3 – Using the wrong e-commerce platform

Choosing a right e-commerce platform is as important as deciding your unique selling point. The success or failure of your company largely depends on the e-commerce platform you choose for selling online. 

What Should I Do: Before choosing any random e-commerce marketplace, ask these questions:

  1. Does the marketplace provide good speed, credibility and an option of custom designing?
  2. What kind of professional assistance do they provide – chat, call, email, etc?
  3. Who are their target customers?


Mistake No. 4 – Ignoring the power of Social Media

You’re losing a big chunk of potential customers by not promoting your brand on social media. With such amazing growth, every brand needs to use these powerful social mediums in the best way possible.

 What Should I Do: Create a business account on multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Make a habit of posting daily about your products and brand. Try to connect with your followers at a personal level with a variety of content such as photos, videos, blogs, contests, etc. Go literally ‘social’ with it, chat with your followers and try to solve their issues there and then. And yes, make your social media interactive by replying to comments and queries.


Mistake No. 5 – Poor customer service

Did you know 52% of the customers share their experiences (good or bad) with their family and friends?

Customer Service is the one thing which could literally make or break your business. It can be the difference between a one-time and the lifetime buyer. A bad customer service can even cost you your reputation.

What Should I Do: Understand that a good customer service ultimately leads to brand loyalty. Make your customers your first priority. Nothing matters if you’re not providing a good or satisfactory service to your customers.

So, we are saying…

Fix your mistakes before it gets too late! It requires a lot of discipline, but will ultimately reap tremendous benefits for your business. So, try to overcome your past mistakes and transform your e-commerce business into a great success.

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