A simple guide to product photography: Everything you need to know
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A simple guide to product photography: Everything you need to know

In the e-commerce industry, no amount of words can convert a visitor into a buyer like a good product photograph can. In today’s age of scrolling and swiping through everything, product photography is critical to success.

Did you know people remember 80% of what

they see & only 20% of what they read?

There’s a simple relation between your sales and product photography. The better your photos look, the more you sell. The image of the product will win more than half the battle for you if they are exceptionally well.

Types of Product Photos You Need

A customer won’t buy your product if he/she is not sure what exactly they are buying. A well-rounded understanding of a product is the biggest deciding factor in making a purchasing decision. Use a variety of photo styles to convey a variety of information about your product:

Product on a plain background – It’s the most effective and basic way of showing what you’re selling. Place your product against a white background to clearly display every aspect of your product.

Lifestyle Shot – Show your product out in the world, being used, worn, etc. These lifestyle images not only sell your product but also creates a need for it.

Scale Shot – In order to make an informed decision, your customer wants to be sure about the size of the product. Scale shots prove to be really helpful in displaying the same.

Detail Shot – When your customer can’t feel or hold your product, it’s important that you convey that feeling through your photographs. Take close up shots of your product to show the detailing, texture and quality.

Process Shot – This shot is extremely helpful for people who sell handmade products. Shot your products in making to show the level of craftsmanship that went into a particular product.

What Camera Equipments Do You Really Need?

Camera – This one is a no-brainer. You need to use a high-quality DSLR camera to shoot more professional looking photographs.

Lighting – Good photography starts with a good lighting source. Invest in a small artificial light kit to make your photographs worth 1000 words.

Tripod – A tripod helps in keeping the shots steady, which is very crucial for a decent product photo shoot.

No need for DSLR! Take amazing product photos with your phone:

  • No matter how good your camera is, a bad lighting source can ruin everything. So, always take photographs in good lighting.
  • Use Tripod to reduce camera shake. This will help you to keep focus in place.
  • Use different camera angles to show each and every aspect of your product.

  • Do not use those pre-filters to edit your photos. Edit them with any professional software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.
Some More Product Photography Tips You Should Know About
  • Make a shots list of all the different product shots you required to properly showcase your products.
  • Gather all types of equipment you may need during a photoshoot.
  • Choose at least 2 or 3 different backgrounds for the shoot. While white is good, it’s always good to show some creativity too. Try to make your products a little more interesting with a mix of different backgrounds.


  • Again, lighting is important. Use a mix of both studio and natural light to shoot your products.
  • Always keep your product in focus.
  • Frame your shot carefully. There are various rules available on the internet about camera angles and frames. Follow them!
  • Review your setup before taking too many pictures. After reviewing, try clicking again by tweaking the light, background, or even the position of the product if it deems fit.

So, we are saying…

Go for only good photography when it comes to your products. Always keep this in mind that in the world of e-commerce, your customers buy the image rather than the product. This is a tried and tested formula and should be used by every online seller.

I hope this article helps you in clicking better product pictures. It is imperative and will help you convert views into transactions easily. If there is anything you want to know in regards to the same, please feel free to ask here.

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