Vinod, Lime
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Vinod, Lime


“My company turns over 50 orders per day”

Lime is a Delhi-based clothing and fashion accessories startup. I have more than 12 years of work experience, which clearly helped me a lot to understand the basics of business. Our success is a result of continuous hard work, long brainstorming sessions, and studying our market. Currently, we are selling around 300 SKUs through Kraftly. I’m planning to increase it to 6000 SKUs.

Why do I like Kraftly?

Kraftly has played a big role in my online success. Their product listing process is their hero – it’s simple and really easy to understand. On top of everything, they have an amazing seller support function. I like that their listing and selling process is not at all complicated.

Kraftly is a seller-friendly, easy to use and understand e-commerce platform which you should definitely consider for your online business.

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